Rising Costs

EDF, the leading utilities company in the UK, have announced a 15.4pc increase in gas tariffs as they join the rest of the market in increasing market prices.

EDF have joined the other 5 major power suppliers, meaning that Brits will see higher costs this winter for gas and electricity services.

As written by the Telegraph, Vincent De Rivaz said that because of EDF’s nuclear energy sources they were able to delay the increase in costs of service, however the position in the market has reached such a point where it was inevitable that the cost increase would have to be passed onto the consumers.

As a result, commercial boiler repairs will now be more sought after as business owners try to maintain existing power plant systems as supposed to replacing with brand new equipment (another cost which they do not want).

Our Experts

Sobek Stelmaczonek of Ideal Heat Solutions, the temporary heating specialists says:

“The current economy is causing havoc for all utility companies, and unfortunately commodities such as Gas and Water will see an increase purely on the basis of global demand. Services that we provide such as Industrial boiler Services will be on the increase purely because business owners and managers will be under pressure to save budgets.”