Why Go Green?

New research from the Energy Savings Trust (EST) has shown that replacing an old inefficient boiler with a new, more energy efficient one can actually work out to be much more cost effective than measures such as double glazing and loft insulation.
By the EST underestimating the amount of savings consumers could make on their energy bills as a result of installing a greener boiler, could mean that many people have wasted money adding more energy efficient methods into their home, instead of just replacing an older and less productive boiler.


The results from this research aims to prove how the government are paying attention to the needs of consumers by providing them with the truth, as well as generating more efficient housing to meet the rising demand for affordable homes. In line with the current rates, heating and hot water account for up to two thirds of the average house holder’s bill.

The same survey showed just how much energy users could save on their energy bills if they updated their boiler to a more energy efficient version. A saving of between £160-310 per year could be saved when replacing your older boiler (Grade D, E, G) with a newer greener one. The potential savings that could be made from double glazing have dropped from last year’s predictions of around £170 to just £80, less than half that originally suggested. This is alongside the predicted savings of up to £490 from insulation measures which have now shown to save just £270, although this is still a substantial saving.

According to the chief executive of the energy savings trust Mr Phillip Greenwood, the new figures would show a more accurate description of the impact different methods have on saving both energy and money to the customer as well as the industry. Simple methods such as making your home more air tight can save money on heating expenses as advised by environmentalist Chris Goodall. Measures such as looking for draughts where external pipes enter your home/building and sealing them with insulation tape can help people save more than they think.