1.2MW Boiler Using HVO Fuel, Greater London

Barrat London, sustainable housing development project


Our client, works with Barratt London on their exciting, sustainable housing development project in Greater London.

The project is a mixed-use development, providing new homes, a supermarket, retail facilities, a health facility, community and recreational facilities. When completed, the development will boast 562 apartments, 80 assisted living apartments, and 163 houses.

This particular housing development was scheduled to utilise the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). Beddington ERF is a state of the art facility that safely treats non-recyclable household waste from 4 London boroughs. The waste collected is then combusted at high temperatures in order to generate energy.

Located just 2.5 miles away from the development, this sustainable energy source is going to be used to provide heating and water to residential and commercial premises on the new development.


The reason why a temporary heating solution was required, was due to the planned system (utilising the ERF in beddington), still being in the development phase.

A 1.2MW packaged boiler was required to provide temporary heating only to the existing and future residents at the development.

The requirements for the brief, were as follows:

  • Advise and provide a 1.2MW boiler to provide heating only.
  • Conduct a site survey to establish landing location of boiler and connection points.
  • Delivery location of where the boiler was to be commissioned was at Beddington ERF.
  • The fuel being used on the boiler had to be a sustainable fuel source to meet Barratt London’s obligations and the site’s sustainability requirements.
  • Temporary heating was required within 1 week of receiving the enquiry.

The Obstacles and Solution

This project had two major obstacles:

  1. Sourcing a sustainable fuel from our list of suppliers.
  2. Not knowing if an alternative oil would work on our packaged boilers.

Our team reacted very quickly, arranging a conference call internally with the technical and engineering personal that same day. On the call, it was agreed that HVO was the preferred fuel source. However, we still had to approach our fuel suppliers to see if we could obtain the fuel.

It was also agreed that a robust test criteria and testing environment for a 1.2MW boiler using HVO fuel be established. To our knowledge, HVO fuel had never been used on a temporary boiler before in the UK, so testing the fuel was crucial.

HVO is not produced in the UK, so this made it difficult to locate a supplier. When we did locate a suitable supplier, we then had to negotiate the quantity of HVO required as the supplier in question had a minimum delivery of 30,000 litres. We managed to negotiate the quantity required down to 4500 litres.

Now that we had successfully established, sourced and arranged for delivery of a sustainable fuel (HVO), we could commence with testing the fuel. See our HVO vs. Oil Blog post here, to see the full results.

The Results

The results from the HVO test were incredibly successful. Not only did the boiler work, it’s performance during the testing was impressive, beating Oil on every test conducted over a 3 day period.

The 1.2MW boiler was now ready to be delivered and commissioned. Logistical and Barratt London could now provide temporary heating to the development.


Ideal Heat Solutions installed a boiler using HVO fuel at New Mill Quarter, Hackbridge for. Offering an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional oil and gas options, this flexibility allowed us to install a temporary boiler in keeping with the project’s specification for a low carbon installation. Ideal Heat Solutions offered a good service and since they installed the temporary boiler in May, it has continued to work perfectly. We have always found the technical team to be on hand to offer assistance when needed and would continue to recommend Ideal Heat Solutions based on their hard-working team and thorough installations.


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