500kW Containerised Boiler Hire

Large Residential Scheme, Greater London


Our client is the largest District Heating specialist contractor in the UK. The client required a temporary boiler to supply heat for the purpose of dramatically increasing the drying time of screed within the building. By increasing the drying time on the screed, it allowed the apartments to be completed on schedule.


One of the obstacles that Ideal Heat had to overcome was logistically there was nowhere outside of the site where the equipment could be positioned. Ideal Heat was briefed on the complexities of the location of where the boiler had to be positioned. Our team was tasked with conducting a detailed site survey in order to find a solution that could overcome obstacles such as the load bearing restrictions on the 1st floor.

The client required a detailed report, highlighting the positioning of fuel tank, the temporary boiler, the weight of the equipment and a summary of the key deliverables.

The Technical Part

Post delivery of the detailed site survey, the client required a meeting with the key stakeholders of the project. The survey report was signed off and work commenced on delivering an oil fired, 500kW containerised boiler, 3000 litre bunded fuel tank, 50m oil line, and a 100m of DN100 hose for the flow and return.

The boiler had to be craned into the middle of the construction site and then “Skated” into position on the first floor.

Due to load bearing restrictions, the oil tank had to be positioned on the ground floor. Scaffolding had to be modified and opened up to allow the oil tank to sit out of the way. Ideal Heat then created a flow and return oil line, with an oil pump to allow the oil to be transferred from the oil tank on the ground floor to the boiler on the first floor. This solution ensured there was a constant oil delivery to the boiler’s burner.

Due to the boiler being located underneath the 2nd floor, a bespoke flue was designed and fitted with a back-draft damper on the flue. This allowed the flue to disperse the airflow in one direction and prevent reverse airflow.

Once the boiler was commissioned, Ideal Heat Solutions implemented the BMS two way telemetry software on the boiler to allow our control’s team to monitor the boiler’s operation and performance remotely, 24/7.

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