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Boiler installation services

The Brief

When immediate heat was required for a district heating network supplying hot water to over 60 dwellings, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to deliver the goods within 24 hours. On this particular project the client, a national developer, required two temporary boilers that would run off sustainable fuel – a prerequisite for this site. As the only temporary heat provider that can offer the greener alternative HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil), Ideal Heat was the principal option.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions received a call from the client at around 18:00 on a cold November evening. Its team worked around the clock to devise a quote for the works including a survey of the site. Such speed enabled Ideal Heat to make the delivery date the following day.

The next morning Ideal Heat prepared two of its HVO-fuelled temporary boilers and coordinated the transport. As well as needing to assemble two 4500ltr fuel tanks and a 60m hose, two 500kW high-performing containerised boilers were required to ensure that in the unlikely event of one failing, the other could step in to keep the heat on and hot water flowing.

Ideal Heat Solutions was selected for this project, as the client was aware of the temporary boiler specialist’s expertise, diligence and great service. Other contractors had recommended Ideal Heat to the client – particularly in terms of performance readings. This gave the customer added peace of mind that Ideal Heat was more than capable for the job.

The Challenge

Certain sites are contracted to only use sustainable fuel sources and this project was one of them. As a pioneer of HVO-fuelled temporary boilers, Ideal Heat Solutions had the experience and products in place to quickly help the client in their hour of need.

Ideal Heat launched its HVO fuel offering after conducting extensive research, exploring different options on the market to see which would be best. Hydrotreated vegetable oil proved to be the optimal solution; in comparison to oil, HVO is renewable, energy efficient, sustainable and offers better performance. Ideal Heat’s engineers have tested HVO on the following criteria: part per million (PPM), CO2, efficiency and smoke.

Furthermore, due to the size of the district heating system Ideal Heat’s plant was connected to, the site team had issues with delivery of heat to the blocks. Thankfully, as Ideal Heat’s specialist installers have extensive knowledge of district heating system hydraulics, they were able to provide technical support to the team onsite to ensure smooth delivery to the whole network.

When installing the temporary boilers, the plant had to be crane-lifted into place. As the crane could only tolerate a certain weight, Ideal Heat pumped the HVO fuel out of the tank to ensure the total weight was below the threshold of the crane’s capability.

From the initial call-out to installation, Ideal Heat’s engineers and plant were on site within an impressive 24 hours. A successful project in everyone’s eyes, for the quick delivery of HVO-fuelled temporary boilers, look nowhere else than Ideal Heat Solutions.

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