Greensward Academy

The Brief

Heating and hot water are key requirements on all kinds of buildings, especially schools. Schools have to operate at ambient temperatures to ensure student productivity and comfort aren’t compromised, as if they are, students can run the risk of losing focus.

If for any reason the supply of heating and hot water stops, it can cause significant disruption to students’ learning time, and inconvenience teachers and parents. In these situations, it is crucial for schools to be able to turn to a fast-delivery, professional temporary boiler company to immediately restore heating and hot water to the premises.

Ideal Heat Solutions proved to be the temporary boiler specialist for this job, which took place at a comprehensive school and academy in Essex.

The Objective

This was the first time Ideal Heat Solutions worked with this client, an academy organisation that represents the school in question. The client had been impressed by Ideal Heat Solutions’ reviews and recommendations. After making the enquiry, the client knew that Ideal Heat Solutions was the temporary boiler specialist they needed, and felt very reassured that they were dealing with the right supplier that can assist them at every stage of the process.

The client made the first point of contact mid-afternoon as the school’s remaining boilers had failed. This was a real emergency for the client, as the disruption to learning and indeed parents was looking to be significant.

Ideal Heat’s customer required the heating to be back-up and running the following day to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

On this project, Ideal Heat Solutions provided its 1000kW oil-fired boiler, 4500ltr fuel tank and 60m of 100mm flexi heating hose. An unbeatable temporary boiler with 92% fuel efficiency rating, the 1000kW is a reliable temporary boiler that reflected the needs of this project. As well as being robust and easy-to-install, the temporary boiler has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so the engineers can ensure it performs as intended – a huge benefit on this project.

As part of this project, Ideal Heat Solutions liaised with the school’s maintenance manager to establish the existing connections so that Ideal Heat’s hose could connect seamlessly. Ideal Heat engineers were able to connect to the school’s system, thus allowing Ideal Heat’s temporary boiler to operate. Much to the customer’s delight, the temporary boiler was up and running an impressive 24-hours later.

Ideal Heat’s client was thrilled with the quick response and efficient delivery of the temporary boiler. Not only did they see Ideal Heat as a rapid provider of temporary boilers, they trusted Ideal Heat’s skill and expertise. It is why Ideal Heat is surveying many other school sites for the client, so that temporary boilers can be readily available if and when an emergency occurs. Having a contingency plan in place can truly pay in dividends, enabling an even swifter temporary boiler delivery that keeps disruption to an absolute minimum.

Another example of Ideal Heat’s shining skill and expertise, the presence of the temporary boilers ensured a much-loved school could stay open even when the main boiler had failed.

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