Langafel School

Temporary Boiler hire services

The Brief

In educational settings, heating provisions are essential to the functioning of the school and the wellbeing of the pupils and staff. If a classroom is not temperature-controlled, the attendance or concentration of pupils could be put at risk, compromising their education. This is why a quick solution is crucial to ensure that the environment is habitable for pupils and staff in the instance of a lack of heating.

A primary school in Kent found itself without heating while its plant room was being replaced. Subsequently, Ideal Heat Solutions was called on to provide a temporary solution to ensure that pupils and staff would be kept warm.

The Objective

The client is an existing Ideal Heat Solutions customer. Having received five temporary boilers from Ideal Heat in the prior 12 months, the client knew that they could rely upon the temporary boiler provider to meet its requirements and create a suitable environment for pupils and staff, in an efficient and timely manner.

Notably, on this project, the primary school relied upon Ideal Heat Solutions’ expertise to identify a site to locate the boiler that would cause minimal disruption to the school, and would ensure that the day-to-operations would continue with as little disturbance as possible. Based on their prior experiences with Ideal Heat Solutions, the client trusted the provider without reservation.

The client required same-day installation on the project. From the first point of contact, Ideal Heat Solution’s engineers arrived on site within 24 hours and to install the specialist boilers. This was critical given the presence of the pupils and staff at the time.

On this project, Ideal Heat Solutions provided a 250kW oil-fired containerised boiler. The 250kW was well-suited to this project, given its sturdy and reliable nature. This heater is robust, easy-to-install, and has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so the engineers can confirm it performs as intended. Ideal Heat Solutions also provided a 3000-litre fuel tank to ensure the endurance of the heater throughout the plant room replacement. A 130m x 50mm HTG hose was also used to ensure Ideal Heat’s equipment could be connected and installed easily.

From call for the order to installation, the engineers and plant with specialist boilers were on site within 24 hours. Owing to Ideal Heat’s expertise and efficiency, the temporary boiler and fuel tank were set up and installed within 12 hours. This was crucial given the replacement of the plant room, and temporary suspension of heaters, impacting the ability of pupils to learn.

The client works exclusively with Ideal Heat Solutions’ engineers due to their wealth of experience, understanding of the client’s needs, and their professionalism. Ideal Heat always goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

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