Temporary Boiler Hire for Local Authority

500kW Packaged Boiler with 3000L Bunded Fuel Tank


Ideal Heat Solutions was approached by a Local Authority which was faced with a large occupied commercial building with no heating or hot water. The commercial building was occupied and operational 24/7 so it was imperative that the client restored the heating to the building so that business continuity was maintained.

The client contacted Ideal Heat Solutions and requested a temporary boiler solution to resolve this issue.


On a routine service to the main communal boiler house, it was deemed that the boiler’s flue was unsafe, which resulted in the flue being condemned and the boiler being shut off. Unfortunately for the client, there was a 4-6 week lead time for a replacement flue, therefore a temporary solution was required to heat up the occupied commercial building.

A site survey was conducted to determine connection points onto the client’s systems to bypass their boiler. Due to the client not having connection points available on the flow and returns, Ideal Heat Solutions was able to specify the fabrication and installation of connections on the permanent systems to enable the temporary boiler to be connected. A site report was completed to outline the overall specification, logistics, and scope of works.

Once this information was inputted into the survey report, it was then shared with the client along with the quotation for approval.

Technical Part

The site survey report produced, specified an Oil Fired 500kW Boiler, 40m of 50mm diameter temporary hose and outlined the hose route to connect into the plant room, which was located below the building. The schematic of the permanent plant room was used to identify the best location for our boiler’s connection points.

Due to the plant room being under the building in a basement, a suitable location had to be identified for the 500kW boiler and 3000L Bunded Fuel Tank. We identified a suitable location next to the building which enabled the hoses to drop down 5m and run straight into the plant room. Ideal Heat Solutions specified to install, 2 no 50mm BSP connection points on the flow and returns. To do this, the system had to be isolated at certain points to enable the engineers to cut and weld the connection points onto the permanent system.

The installation and the commissioning of the boiler was completed within 1 working day by Ideal Heat Solutions Installation Team.

“This was a technically challenging job because there were no connection points to allow our system to be installed. Our Installation Team, once again demonstrated their technical ability and experience in providing a full turnkey solution.”

Jamie Ross-Davies – Sales Director

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