Bespoke Gas-fired Plant Room

The Laboratory

The Laboratory contacted Ideal Heat Solutions to hire a boiler for 12 months. After our specialists assessed their site and discussed the options, the team opted to buy one of our boilers, rather than rent a system. It took just two weeks for our experts to design and manufacture a boiler for their specifications and budget.

Our engineers created a bespoke gas-fired plant room which was able to supply hot water and heating to the entire building. It was delivered on the back of a Hiab lorry, and was ready to be fitted just days after our engineers drew a customised design for the system. From the first phone call to the installation, it took just a fortnight to leave the Laboratory with a boiler plant that satisfied their specialist requirements.

Once the work had been completed, tested and used for day-to-day processes at the laboratory, the client praised our services. The team appreciated the professionalism of our team, and the efficiency of creating a long-term boiler plant for their facilities. As with our temporary services, we aim to satisfy the needs of each client, and were able to find a tailored heating solution for this unique project.

Ideal Heat Solutions specialise in the provision of industrial heating system and boiler plant solutions for commercial premises and events, whether planned or in an emergency. Please call us on 0808 2566 768 to discuss your needs.

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