Waverley Abbey

Boiler installation services

The Brief

Heating and hot water are critical on all kinds of developments including Grade II* listed buildings which need to be treated with the greatest care. If the supply of heating and hot water is compromised, it can cause disruption to occupants and the overall comfort of a premises.

To prevent a minor problem from becoming a hard-to-resolve issue, it pays to have a back-up or contingency plan in place. If and when a boiler fails, the heat can be put back on in a short amount of time.

Ideal Heat Solutions was called to provide a contingency plan for a boiler system on a Grade II* listed building. The presence of a clear contingency plan would ensure that in the event of boiler failure, Ideal Heat Solutions would be able to provide a quick remedy.

The Objective

Ideal Heat Solutions received a call from the customer earlier on in the year. The client expressed that the boilers in the plant room were a growing cause for concern, meaning that they needed to take necessary precautions. The client had been impressed with Ideal Heat Solutions’ portfolio and recognised that Ideal Heat could provide a solution to suit their needs, in the form of a contingency plan.

Ideal Heat Solutions visited the site in order to perform a survey. This enabled Ideal Heat’s teams to identify and report on the various areas that had to be considered to ensure a speedy install.

The client worked with Ideal Heat to run a 20m internal hose through a series of ducts within the building. Ideal Heat Solutions installed this hose soon after. This meant that if and when a temporary boiler was needed in the future, the necessary connections were in place. It would, therefore, save valuable time as the temporary boiler would only need to be connected to the hose.

On this project, Ideal Heat Solutions provided its 250kW oil-fired containerised boiler with a 4500ltr fuel tank. An unbeatable temporary boiler with 92% fuel efficiency rating, the 250kW is a reliable temporary boiler that reflected the needs of this project. As well as being robust and easy-to-install, the temporary boiler has in-built IQ Vision monitoring technology so the engineers can ensure it performs as intended.

The client enjoyed working with Ideal Heat Solutions’ engineers and the extra mile that the team went for the client. Ideal Heat’s OFTEC engineers can work alongside clients’ teams to ensure existing systems are able to have their plant connected to it, always going above and beyond for clients.

It was only a matter of months later that Ideal Heat received a call from the client. As a contingency plan was in place, Ideal Heat Solutions delivered and installed the temporary boiler within 24hrs. This back-up plan certainly paid in dividends.

Impressed with Ideal Heat Solutions’ knowledge and service, the presence of a contingency plan minimised disruption to the client, ensuring the heat could flow throughout this stunning Grade II* listed building.

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