Temporary Boiler Hire in Coventry

1.3MW Boiler with 4000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank

The Brief

A hotel left without heating or hot water is disastrous for its customers and its reputation. But this was the precise scenario that Coventry was faced with.

The Hotles boiler room was scheduled for replacement, but just weeks prior to the replacement, disaster struck! the boiler failed, leaving the hotel with no heating or hot water and no contingency plan. The hotel was also fully booked with some very disgruntled customers. the hotel needed to find a solution to prevent any further damage to their reputation and to keep their existing customers happy. To make matters worse, the UK was experiencing extremely cold weather, with the temperature plummeting below zero in most parts of the country.

The hotel required a temporary boiler to be delivered and commissioned within 24 hours, to minimise disruption and to ensure the hotel could supply heating and hot water to its customers.

The Objective

The ability to respond quickly and deliver a solution within 24 hours was essential for the client, so we had to conduct an immediate survey to determine the client’s objectives and requirements. Usually, one of Ideal Heat Solutions operatives would conduct a site survey, but as the location of the hotel was 2.5 hours away from our closest available operative, a decision was made to conduct the survey over the phone to save valuable time.

The client originally stated that they required a 500kW oil fired packaged boiler, but after further consultation between the client and one of Ideal Heat Solutions operatives, it was established that the client actually required a 1.3MW oil fired packaged boiler.

If Ideal Heat Solutions were unable to meet the client’s objectives and requirements, the hotel would have most certainly faced customer complaints, poor reviews, loss of repeat business and financial losses due to customer refunds.

The Technical Part

Boiler Required:

1.3MW Packaged Boiler (Oil Fired)

Fuel Tank Required:

4500 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank

Connections and Hose Requirements:

Pipes – DN100 hose flange Cons

Power connection – 32a, single phase commando 415v (red)
Water supply 15mm plain end connection

Manufactured connection, enabling 100mm flexi hose

Challenges and Obstacles

The site delivery was 2.5 hours away from Ideal Heat Solutions head office in Maidstone, Kent.

Members of our team had to negotiate with one of our haulage providers to ensure the delivery was made within 24 hours.

Our team had to manufacture bespoke fittings for the client’s system to enable the hose to be connected on the day the boiler was delivered.

How Ideal Heat Solutions met the client’s objectives

Successfully delivered and commissioned a temporary boiler within 24 hours of receiving the initial enquiry.

Professional and consistent communication throughout, to established precise specifications as well as managing the expected time of delivery.

Installation and Location


The client was very happy with our temporary boiler solution. We met their objectives by delivering heating and hot water to the building and we managed to do this within 22 hours of receiving their initial enquiry.

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